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Angi & The Studio


A little Bit More About

 Angi & Hanzlik Studio


I’m a professional photographer living in Chamberlain, South Dakota.  I began my photography career in Honolulu, Hawaii.  After several years of shooting alongside one of the best wedding photographers on Oahu,  I decided it was time to take the leap and start my own business.  In 2012, Hanzlik Studio was born.  I didn’t have a physical studio, or a lot of clients but I definitely had a vision.  I continued to work with Rachel as she guided me along the ins and outs of wedding photography and pushed myself to develop my own style.  Over the course of the next few years  were trying as I gained my own clients and gained confidence, lost confidence and even thought I should quit a few times in between.  Thankfully I had some pretty amazing people in my life that had full faith in me and kept me pressing on.

In March of 2015, I “retired” after 20 years of service as a health care provider in the Navy.  My family and I packed up our lives in Hawaii and moved to Chamberlain.  It is here that the physical Studio came to be.

Since moving to South Dakota, I’ve had to opportunity to expand my craft into the genre of Newborns, Seniors, and Editorial photography.  I have a hard time putting myself in a specific genre of photography as I truly love the connection with people more than a specific event.  Everyone has a story to tell and if I can portray that through my lens, my goal is met.  With that said, I am up to just about any challenge.  I do love weddings and am guaranteed to cry at every single one.  Let’s get together and chat.